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All our bikes come with one-year standard warranty.  In case of a warranty issue we will send the spare parts free of charge to your customer or to your bicycle shop. Just send us an e-mail with a picture of the damaged part that needs to be replaced and we will take care of it. If the value of the damaged parts that need to be replaced is higher than the shipping costs from the Netherlands we have the right to compensate the wholesale value of the damaged parts instead of sending replacement parts.
The warranty is not valid for light corrosion and the tires. The warranty is also subject to the bike being used reasonably and in accordance with specifications (for example, not unreasonably overloading the bike).

For questions or warranty issues feel free to contact us at  or call +31(0)85-4012797.

Return policy
Bicycles can be sent back to the Netherlands, but transportation has to be arranged by you. In case you would like to return a bike, please notify us, and a return address will be given. After we have received the bike complete and undamaged, a full refund for the bike will be given. The £27.50 transportation costs will not be refunded. 

Providing the bike to your customer
When your customer receives the bike they will have to check to ensure that it is the right bike with the right specifications. If everything is in order they can sign for delivery. In the unlikely event that the bike is different from what was ordered, your customer may refuse the delivery and tell the shipper to send it back to the sender. We will then  ensure that the correct bike is sent as soon as possible.
Please ensure that your customer has checked the bike as if they sign for an incorrect delivery you will be responsible for return of the bike. The bike can be sent back to Holland (at your expense) and you will get a full refund, alternatively, the bike can be sold again by you.

*Please note that we make every effort to ensure correct deliveries and we do not expect wrong deliveries will occur often. However, as it is very difficult for us to retrieve half-assembled bikes from the UK, we need your customers to check and double check the delivery. 

Bicycle pictures
The pictures on our website may differ a little bit from the bikes delivered. Usually this is about details, like tyre colour, saddle colour and handle colour. It is your responsibility to communicate to your costumers that slide little diffirences might occur.